Welcome! I’m Gabrielle, a 21 year old college student residing in the woods of New England. As a creative driven, thought-filled, wanderlust young woman, this blog is just one of my creative interests, among others such as my YouTube channel, makeup artistry, and photography.IMG_2463

Here’s some random information about me so you can get to know me a bit better.

-I have over 20 plants in my bedroom… its a bit of an obsession. I love how much life plants add to a space.

-Traveling is my favorite thing- I’ve been all over the world and don’t have any plans of stopping. I truly believe travel is crucial to a well rounded view of the world. So far, London is my favorite place I’ve been to; I would love to live there eventually.

-Friends is my all time favorite TV show… and no, Ross and Rachel were not on a break.

-I love anything that involves creativity- it sets my soul on fire!

-I am the youngest of three siblings and aunt to one niece.

-I believe in my savior Jesus Christ.


Stay and have a look around. Thank you so much for taking time to learn a bit about me!

Instagram: @Gabergub and @gabrielle_turgeon

Check out my YouTube channel HERE!