My Favorite Places in Quebec City

Last weekend I  went to Quebec City, Canada with my lovely boyfriend in celebration of our two year anniversary together. I’ve been to Quebec before, but it was when I was much younger.


We stayed in a clean studio apartment via AirBnb located in downtown Quebec City. The apartment was clean, well kept, and within a short walking distance of endless bars, restaurants, and shops. It was also a short 20 minute walk from Old Quebec (a MUST see). So, here are some of my favorite places I went to in Quebec City.

Saint-Henri micro-torrefacteur-

If you’re a fan of doughnuts and coffee, you’re going to love this place.


Aside from being a modern-minimalistic styled coffee shop perfect for instagramming, they sell DELICIOUS, gourmet doughnuts, and beautiful espresso drinks. There’s also plenty of seating so you and your pals can grab some doughnuts and chat away.


I mean, come on, those are insane. They’re also insanely delicious. And yes, citrus rosemary doughnuts (bottom doughnut) are oddly satisfying on the tongue.

Marche du vieux-Port- 

This is a fantastic indoor farmers market, and its decently large. Vendors inside sell a variety of food and produce, so as to cater to anyone and everyone. Fresh cheese, bread, desserts, pastries, vegetables, fruit… you name it, they have it. Wine vendors were also inside offering up free samples (yes, please!).


My favorite part? Grabbing a fresh baguette to snack on while walking around the market looking for fresh produce (and fudge… oops). This beautiful farmers market is about a 15 minute walk from Old Quebec, sitting along the water; so beautiful. And if you need some fresh herbs for cooking dinner later, they’ve got that too!

market inside

Le Bureau de Poste- 

If you like food, a lot of it, and for very little money, this is the restaurant for you. Located in downtown Quebec City, Le Bureau de Poste offers a full menu of meals… for $5.00 (Canadian) each. Thats right everyone, any and every meal is $5.00. Needless to say, I ordered two entrees which is absolutely excessive and absolutely worth it. IMG_0494

Now, I won’t lie to you, this isn’t the most miraculous food I’ve ever eaten, but it was actually really delicious. Well cooked, good flavor, and we can’t forget about the price! For round one I ordered a raspberry mojito (yum), and some fish tacos. Dylan got an IPA and a burger with a side of poutine. For round two, Dylan ordered the same thing he got the first time (classic man), and I got a veggie burger with a side of sweet potato fries. Oh, and we split a rum and coke because why not? Rum is good. Needless to say, we loved this restaurant and recommend it to anybody traveling to Quebec City.

Last but not least on my list of favorite places in Quebec City is…

District Saint-Joseph (bar)- 

District Saint-Joseph is a bar located in downtown Quebec City. District

The first night we went which is when the above photo was taken, we went pretty early on in the evening (as far as nightlife is concerned). We went at around 8 o’clock, which meant the bar was pretty inactive. However, the crowd began to come around 10 o’clock, which was accompanied by a band performing live. Who doesn’t love drinks and free music?!

It was clean, staff was friendly, and the aesthetic and vibe was very chilled. inside bar

My favorite drink at District? The hard cider. It was absolutely exceptional.

Needless to say, my trip to Quebec city was wonderful. Good food, good company, and good cider.


Link to our AirBnb!-


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