A Full and Abundant Life

I participate in an online Bible study called The Sisterhood. Its created by a wonderful Christian blogger named Jordan Lee Dooley and its fantastic–I highly recommend it. There’s a Facebook group to go along with the Bible study, open to anybody who is a member of it. Today a a fellow Sister named Chelsea posed the question of, “what does having a full and abundant life look to you?” and it really got me thinking.

After some contemplation and a drive home on a beautiful day I then I realized, for me to have a full and abundant life, I want my life to feel like Spring. What I mean by that is I want my life to resemble the beauty, growth, and renewal that Spring brings each year. I want my life to feel fresh and revitalizing, not only for me, but for those around me.

After a cold, dark, and grey winter, those Spring days where the air smells fresh and birds start chirping and you can finally drive with the windows down… thats what I want. The liberating feeling of freedom and joy that Spring brings each year.

But thats the wonderful thing about Jesus; he is spring. He is freedom, liberation, joy, love, renewal. He is all these things I naturally crave in my heart.

Now I know that just because you have a relationship with God it doesn’t mean hard times won’t roll in, because they will, they do, and the Bible tells us this. But in the dark, gloomy weather (like Winter) we can rest in knowing Spring is on its way; we can rest in knowing Jesus loves us and will revitalize us when we are both in and out of our season of gloomy weather. IMG_9606


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