Gods Plan vs. My Choices

London, England 2014


Guys, I can’t lie, I’ve been struggling immensely for the last few weeks. I feel like Im finally starting to get to a place in my life where I have a sense of direction from God, but I don’t really know how to get there. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I was in the running for a social media manager position for a really great company- they wound up not going through with the position at the moment so obviously that door closed, which is fine, I know thats not where God wanted me to be.

Anyway, ever since then I’ve seen a few job postings for marketing/ social media positions and I honestly think I would be really good at it and I think I would enjoy it. After all, I love creating content.

I worked at the same coffee shop for two years, and I knew it was time for me to leave, so I did. Nobody around my area was really hiring except for a little boutique I like downtown. Since I had no other leads, I took the position. By the way, I hate retail, like absolutely hate it. Anyway, the day after i accepted that position I got an email from another place I applied, a salon, and they said they would be interested in me doing marketing for them, but since I had just accepted the other job I emailed them back and said I would contact them in the future if I was ever looking for a job.

Now Im like, Gabby, really? God is clearly pulling you toward that field and you DONT take the job? *face palm*

Im honestly just so confused with myself. I also can’t stand when I let people down; people pleasing is definitely a flaw of mine especially when it comes to work. But then just ten minutes ago I was thinking about what to do, and granted I need to talk to the place that wants me to do marketing to talk logistics, but why wouldn’t I pursue the area in which I feel God is calling me? Why would I let my earthly worries dictate the direction of my life rather than the plan the Father has directed for my life?

I need to stop doing what think is more convenient or easy or whatever, and start going where God wants me- and so do YOU.

If we live our lives fearfully for God, that means we need to go where he calls us without hesitation, without questioning it, and without fear, hard as that may be. We need to trust what He has in store for our lives and remember that He knows so much more than we do.

So here we go, lets live according to the will of God, submit to him, and not to ourselves or to others.




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