A Letter to My Soulmate


I can truly say I wound up being soul mates with my best friend; he is my lobster (if you don’t understand this reference stop reading this and start watching Friends on Netflix).


Here is a brief backstory (I will do a full post on our story soon): Dylan and I met in Kindergarten at some point, although neither of us remember exactly when, considering we were five and are now 21. We were friendly throughout middle school, and when we got to high school we became inseparable, we were best friends. However, I had a serious, long-term boyfriend at the time- I know I know, tragic. This did not prevent Dylan and I from developing feelings for each other, which then sent us spiraling into what I refer to as “the day of hell 2014”. Long long long story short, we stopped being friends at my request (I would like to say no, I did not cheat on my boyfriend with Dylan). After a year of not speaking and being heartbroken in silence, my boyfriend and I broke up, and soon thereafter Dylan came back into my life against all odds and without warning- and it has been the biggest blessing. But like I said, I’ll post our full story another time.

Here we go. 

My Dillweed,

You are loyal, you are funny, you are loving and you are kind. You are my best friend in the world. You make me laugh, you comfort me, your smile genuinely brings me joy. You stay with me through the best times as well as the times I want to pack up and run away. You know the deepest parts of my heart and mind that nobody else in this world does.

I want to thank you for being a constant in my life, for never giving up on me, on yourself, on us together. I want to thank you for always encouraging me to chase what my soul desires, even if that meant having to be away from you for awhile, you always encourage me. Thank you for being weird with me, for making creepy faces and saying things that are mildly disturbing, but that I find humorous. Thank you for hugging me for long periods of time and for letting me bombard your face with kisses. Thank you for letting me come over at midnight so I can cry into you for an hour while you just hold me, because you know thats what I need.

When we finally got together I felt like I had finally gotten what I had always longed for. For the year we didn’t talk, I thought about you constantly. I thought of what you were doing, if you had a girlfriend, how you liked school and if you figured out what you wanted to have for a career. I missed talking to you about random things. I missed car rides and trips to Portsmouth. I missed marveling at the sky and I missed wanting to kiss you when you were talking (I know its bad).

I’ve never had this strong of a connection with anyone in my life. With you I feel, and always have felt, what I can only describe as what feels like a magnetic pull, a need to be with you. When we found our way back to one another I thought to myself, “this is it, he’s my person”. I always kind of thought you were my person, I just tried to deny it for a long time, but there is no denying it anymore. I not only want to spend the rest of my life with you, travel with you, have babies with you, I know Im going to do all of those things with you.

You are the one I have spent so much time praying for, and Im so thankful that God not only gave me you, but that he gave me you at such a young age. I love you forever and a day.


You know who



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